Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bunching Sleeves

Thanks to my very talented sister-in-law Marie, I learned to how to bunch the sleeves of the shirts to make them a little more girly.

It is actually quite easy to do. If you have a sewing machine and some shirts then all you need is some elastic. First measure the circumference of the sleeve and take off 1.5 inches. That is how long you want your elastic to be.

Turn the shirt inside out and start your stitch at the bottom (where the armpit is) so that most of the stitching will be hidden under the arm. You have to go back and forth a few times with the machine to get the stitch started and to make it strong enough to stretch as you sew. Pull the elastic pretty tight as you sew.

That's it. Your done! Takes about 4 minutes to do. Not bad.

You could even add some buttons or bows on the sleeves to complete the look.

Again, many thanks to Marie for taking time off from decorating 3 cakes, baking two more and getting ready for a yard sale to help me with this!

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