Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fun with Polymer Clay

There are many, many things that one can do with Polymer Clay. I sort of did these the hard way and got white clay and painted them. I wouldn't do it again. It took at least seven coats of paint for everything! I realize that is probably why the clay comes already colored. I will remember that for next time. The one thing is that I saved a few bucks only having to buy one color and I borrowed cookie cutters from a friend (the same one who gave me all the scrapbook paper) to make all these neat things. She actually gave me the idea for these from Christmas ornaments she was making for her friends and family. I love having friends that like crafting as much as I do!

The picture for this one doesn't really do it justice. It is actually small and delicate-looking. I used a cookie cutter for the umbrella if that gives you an idea of the size.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Space Shirt

I met another mom who makes really cute knitted hats and we decided to trade. Her two boys are getting space shirts and my kids will get hats for their noggins. Here is one of the shirts. I still haven't thought of something cool for the second one, but I am working on it.