Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Love Hands

Hands are so special. When Jeff and I got married we included a special hand ceremony. When I finally got to hold each of my kids, the first thing I went for was their hands. I have my dog's paw print (a paw is a hand, right?) tattooed on the back of my neck. I love hands. I am so grateful for mine and what I have chosen to do with them. I have a pretty bad case of eczema on my hands making them hurt all the time. I don't understand it because I have finally found something worth doing with them and it seems like they are working against me. They are always red, inflamed, raw, extremely itchy and cracked. I will be honest, they are incredibly ugly. I can't wear my wedding rings, I can't get them wet, and I have to be really careful about chemicals and acidic food. It hurts to do daily things such as holding and playing with my kids and most of the crafts I do. It's OK though because it just makes me appreciate what I can do with them all the more. I love the fact that even though my hands are ugly and painful, they do beautiful things. They GIVE..........

I don't care what my kids decide to do when they grow up, as long as they are givers.

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